Create a podcast that people actually want to listen to.

Create a podcast that people actually want to listen to.

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Learn to create a show like the radio pros do everyday.

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Learn the tricks the pros use to keep listeners tuned in

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Learn to get listeners downloading your podcast using the same stratagies radio stations use everyday

About Chris

Hey, My name is Chris Braden! I’m a Colorado Boy, born and bred! I hate the cold but I love to ski. I have been married to a saint for 27 and I am the proud dad to two amazing daughters! Also… I have 4 golden retrievers. Not sure what that says about me besides I love dogs!

I have always loved radio and it didn’t matter what it was. Music and Paul Harvey in the car when on trips with my parents or just listening to the game with my dad when we were messing around in the garage. It was always a part of my life. I have spent the last 10 years working in radio. I have worked and trained with some of the best around even going as far as digging in my own pocket to hire former producers of national talk shows to help make me better. I have spent most of that time doing long form sports shows. That is two to three hours just talking about sports. In fact sometimes we would spend the entire show just talking about one topic. Besides sports I have spent time on Country and Rock stations as well. That is where Chalupa Batman was born. I have worked at the biggest and best companies in radio.

Podcasting was a natural progression of the radio industry. Before the term podcasting became so popular we just uploaded a show to the web and that was the podcast. We know that isn’t really a podcast. A podcast is so much more than just moving an on-air show to the internet. It needs to be its own entity with its own identity. A podcast is an ever evolving piece of audio that will expand and grow like the host. My goal is to help people start and launch their first podcast and to take current podcasters to the next level my teaching them some insider tricks that will help you be proud of your show.

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“Chris really knows his Craft. He knows his art.”
– Billy Gene Is Marketing

“I first want to thank you for your encouragement and kindness. You were the catalyst that put me into action with my podcast. I am so impressed by your knowledge, skills and resources. You have a way to take something complicated and break it down in an easy to understand way that makes it possible to put it into action right away. I am excited to see where my podcast goes from here!”

– Carmen Ohling (The Permission Slip Podcast)

“When I wanted to stand out from everyone else, and outline to potential new clients what made us special, I knew I needed to go all-in and do a podcast. I chose Chris Braden and Sounds Awesome after doing my due diligence. I didn’t realize until now how lucky I am that I chose Chris Braden. This wasn’t my realm and Chris made it work while elevating the user experience. His work is exceptional and he pays attention to the details. I take immense pride in my business and the talented people I work with. Chris Braden is no exception. He is a true professional and took my podcast to the highest level. The results have been electrifying. Thanks Chris!”

– Todd Burnham (Burnham Law Firm – Host of Deep Bench with Todd Burnahm)

“Do you want to sound good? Chris Braden is your guy! If there is anything he knows more that marketing it’s marketing in radio”

-Benny Bash (iHeart Radio)

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